Cheshire Cheese Cat

Book Trailers & Other Links

Video of Carmen Agra Deedy answering questions from children about a previous Texas Bluebonnet nominee, 14 Cows for America (7:19 minutes):
{from here:}

BBC animated video of the life of Charles Dickens and a game of survival in Charles Dickens’ London. (approximately 4 minutes):

Queen Victoria:  Her Life in Images (3:21 minutes):
{from here:}

Ravens of the Tower of London (3:05 minutes):
{from here:}

Other Links:
Carmen Agra Deedy’s official website:

Interview with Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright:–a-with-carmen-agra-deedy-and-randall-wright.html

A website devoted to the book, including information on Dickens, Victorian London, the Tower of London, the Cheshire Cheese Inn, a map of where the story takes place, the importance of words in the book, many games and puzzles, etc:

Interview with Barry Moser:

Biography of Barry Moser, illustrator:

Teacher’s guide for The Cheshire Cheese Cat:

Games based on Tower of London history:  “Unlock the Dragon”, “Create Your Own Royal Beast”, “Meet the Royal Beasts.”

Brief online biography of Charles Dickens:

Biography link to Dickens with a large photo of him on the site:

Link to Wikipedia information on the actual Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub in London:

Website containing information about Cheshire cheese:


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