Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Book Trailers & Other Links

Clever Jack Takes the Cake read aloud.  Illustrations are also shown.  Unfortunately, the reader whispers some of it, making it hard to hear.  (12:49 minutes):
{from here:}

Animated retelling of “Jack and the Beanstalk.”  3:25 minutes
{from here:}


Other Links:
Website of author Candace Fleming.  This website includes a picture and a video of Candace Fleming, a Teacher’s Guide and a Readers Theater for Clever Jack Takes the

Website of illustrator G. Brian Karas.  Includes a biography and a photo of Karas.  A highlight, under the “blog” button, is a short video of approximately 2 ½ minutes of how he went about conceiving and executing the illustrations for the book,

Publisher’s site.  Has a print interview with Candace Fleming which includes why she wrote Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Includes a short video in which Candace Fleming describes how she began making up stories at a young age (2:25 minutes):

Discusses the difference between a folk tale and a fairy tale.  The most basic difference is that folk tales are passed down through the oral tradition and a fairy tale is a story with many of the qualities of a folk tale but is made up by an author.  The traditional story of “Jack and the Bean Stalk” is a folk tale, while our nominated book written by Candace Fleming, Clever Jack Takes the Cake, is a fairy tale.  “Jack tales” also have more specific qualities within the folk tale genre.  See links below.

Information on the history of the “Jack tales”:

A list of Jack tales which, if clicked on, can be read:

Writing your own story, fairy tale or fractured fairy tale:

Link for “Growing a Story” game:

The first recipe on this website is for cupcakes:

Includes a Teachers Guide giving ideas and printouts, and a print interview with Candace Flemings about why she wrote Clever Jack Takes the Cake:’sguide

Includes a list of classroom activities that could be used for Clever Jack Takes the Cake:


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