Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Related Activities

Write your own story, fairy tale, or fractured fairy tale.  (See Book Trailers & Other Links)

Make a cake or cupcakes or decorate cupcakes. (See Book Trailers & Other Links)

Play the “Growing a Story” game:
One person starts a story, and then each person adds to it.  There are a few variations of this game. You can do it by having each person contribute a word to the story, or a sentence, or a variable amount determined by the contributor. Story might best be ended at a time limit of about 10-15 minutes. It can be fun to force the next person into a tight spot by turning the story down an odd road with random associations and unexpected diversions. (See Book Trailers & Other Links)

Read more Jack tales or have children read them.  Compare the tales:  how are they alike?  How are they different? (See Book Trailers & Other Links and Readers Advisory)

Check out other activities on some of the Book Trailers & Other Links.

Book Talk Teasers

Read the front cover flap.

Read the first 2 ½ pages of the story, ending with the sentence, “I will make her a cake.”


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