EllRay Jakes is Not a Chicken!

Related Activities

Mudshake Dirt Discovery
Jar with a tight lid
Paper towel
Magnifying glass

Fill the jar halfway with dirt.  Add water nearly to the top of the jar.  Put the lid on the jar on securely and shake vigorously for half a minute, then set it aside. Let the jar stand until sediments settle into their layers.  Using the spoon, skim off the top soil components that do not settle to the bottom of the jar and place them on the piece of paper towel.  Finally, make your observations about the floating components and the soil layers.

Bully Mural
Have children create a mural showing various situation where bullying takes place. Then have them draw cartoon word and thought bubbles that handle these situations.

Roving Reporter
Develop a “roving reporter” program in which students are randomly selected to report on the days events during select time periods, etc. lunch, recess, library time. Then in a group setting discuss what was observed by the roving reporter.

Name Investigation
EllRay is really short for L. Ray, which is short for Lancelot Raymond Jakes, and his sister is called “Alfie,” a shortened version of her true name Alfleta Jakes. With this in mind, become name investigators.
Identify each participant by their real name or a nickname.  Then look up a close definition of their name in a name dictionary.  You might even like to look into the origin of the name and ask if their parent’s choice of that name was for a special reason such a family history.

Book Talk Teasers

To tease your audience into reading this first book in the EllRay Jakes’ series, read the first chapter aloud.


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