Hamster Magic

Readers Advisory

Banks, Lynne Reid. Indian in the Cupboard.  Aubry receives two presents that will change his life: an old cupboard and a couple of plastic figurines that come to life when placed inside the mysterious cupboard.

Eager, Edward. Half-Magic.  Four children encounter a magic coin that grants only half the wish. This means the children must apply a certain amount of logic to their wishes in order to get the desired outcome.

Edwards, Julie Andrews. The Last Really Great Whangdoodles.  The Whangdoodle was once the wisest, kindest and most extraordinary creature of the world. Then he disappeared to create a wonderful land for himself and other remarkable animals.

Pullman, Philip. I was a Rat!  Roger, a scruff boy with a bit ratty behavior, claims “I was a rat!” Only three people believe his story. And it may take a royal intervention – and a bit of magic – to convince the rest of the world.

Trivas, Tracy. The Wish Stealer.  Griffin is always making wishes. But when an old women, a wish stealer, gives him a box of shiny pennies, stolen from a wishing fountain decades ago. A desperate quest is set in motion.


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