Related Activities

Create Your Own Superhero:
Paper form: Stretch out butcher paper the length of each participant. Pair participants and trace the outline of each person onto the paper. Now have each person add attributes that they would like to create the image to turn their outline into a superhero. Off to the side of the paper participants can write out a little about their new persona.

Online form: Complete Marvel character body forms with bold costumes, weapons, powers, hair and body features. http://marvel.com/games/cyos

Play The Kryptonite Game:
Pass around a large Styrofoam “rock” while music plays. When the music stops, who ever is left holding the “rock” is out. Use the music from movie soundtracks, such as Superman or Star Wars.

Discover If You Have Super Powers:
Super Hearing: Play sound effects and see who can guess correctly

Super Smell: While blindfolded, try to identify different items by smell

Book Talk Teasers

For the read aloud teaser to the book Hero by Mike Lupica, start your book talk reading aloud the inside jacket. Then ask your listeners this question – “If you could have super human powers what skill would you like to possess?” If you have the attention of older student and you’d like to prolong your book talk start reading chapter 1. [This is an excellent James Bond kind of scene.]


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