Hot Diggity Dog

Readers Advisory

dePaola, Tomie. The Popcorn Book.  This short book presents a variety of facts about the fluffy snack popcorn.

Dooley, Norah. Everybody Cooks Rice.  A child is sent to find a younger brother at dinner time and is introduced to a variety of cultures through encountering the many different ways rice is prepared at the different households visited.

Hopkinson, Deborah. Fannie in the Kitchen: The Whole Story from Soup to Nuts of How Fannie Farmer Invented Recipes with Precise Measurements.  Marcia enjoys being her mother’s helper, so she’s hurt when Mother hires Fannie Farmer to prepare the family’s meals. But sure enough, Fannie’s charm (and griddle cakes!) wins Marcia over and she finds herself cooking up delights she never thought possible.

Fleisher, Paul. Ice Cream Treats: The Inside Scoop.  An appealing and instructive book on the history and production of ice cream, from making it at home to the manufacture of Klondike Krunch bars.

Kurlansky, Mark. The Story of Salt.  Based on Mark Kurlansky’s bestseller Salt: A World History, this fascinating picture book explores the interesting history of salt: The many ways it is gathered; Why salt was key to the Age of Exploration; What salt meant to the American Revolution.

McCathy, Meghan. Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum.  Gum. It’s been around for centuries – from the ancient Greeks to the American Indians, everyone’s chewed it. But the best kind of gum – bubble gum – wasn’t invented until 1928, when an enterprising young accountant at Fleer Gum & Candy Co. experimented with different recipes in his spare time.

Taylor, Gaylia. George Crum and the Saratoga Chip.  This lively story of the inventor of the potato chip begins with Crum’s 1830s childhood in the Adirondacks, where his feisty streak gave him resilience in the face of prejudice against his Native American/African-American heritage.


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