Hot Diggity Dog

Related Activities

Frankfurter Bar:
Be creative with a wurstfest with choice toppings for a standard hot dog on a bun. Serve the following toppings:
Pickle relish
Chopped onions

Spice it up with the following:
Spicy brown mustard
Cucumber relish
Wasabi mayonnaise

Make it creative and try something new with the following:
Crushed potato chips
Diced pineapple
Crispy bacon
BBQ sauce

Also serve pigs in a blanket, corn dogs, and pb&j sandwiches for the finer taste buds.

Suggestion: As participants get in line to create their hot dog masterpiece, quiz participants as to their favorite standard toppings. Use a spreadsheet program produce a bar or pie chart to show everyone how they compare with their choice toppings.

Another idea is to chart how participants celebrate the 4th of July holiday. An even better question might be “What condiment would you use if Mom wasn’t watching?”

Arrange a Food Eating Contest:
1.  Set a budget that includes projected expenses for food costs, decorations, paper/plastic goods and awards.
2.  Decide on the entry fee or offer a donation option.
3.  Establish location. If picking an outdoor location be sure to have a backup location in case of inclement weather.
4.  Set the rules. If necessary give a set number of food items to be eaten and the first to reach the limit wins all. Or establish the number of items within a specific time frame.
5.  Organize competitors into age groups.
6.  Arrange to have buckets near each competitor in case their stomach rebels.

Note:  If using this activity as a fundraising function consider charging for entry into the contest and entry into the viewing

Book Talk Teasers

To tease your audience into reading the picture book Hot Diggity Dog by Adrienne Sylver, start by reading aloud from the inside flap of the cover. Continue by asking your listeners if they have a nickname for hot dogs. If you’d like to prolong your teaser, read the first page.


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