Just Being Audrey

Related Activities

{JBA – Discussion Cards Before Reading}

{JBA – Comprehension Cards After Reading}

Sponsor some kind of a fundraiser, such as a penny war, among the classrooms. Donate proceeds to one of Audrey Hepburn’s official children’s charities.

If you have access to a dance troupe or teacher, invite the lead teacher to speak on the discipline of ballet. A demonstration of skills could be given and students could be taught basic steps.

Audrey Hepburn passed much of her time outside of school during the occupation of The Netherlands drawing. She drew from her experiences, her interests, and her imagination. After reviewing the link to her childhood drawings {http://thethoughtexperiment.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/audrey-hepburn-and-the-war-featuring-her-childhood-drawings/}  to gather ideas, students can discuss and draw one or more sketches of their own lives.

Book Talk Teasers

Book trailer: http://youtu.be/4jVZgkhdNhQ


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