Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates

Readers Advisory

Avi.  City of Light, City of Dark: A Comic Book Novel.  Asterel races against time to locate a token which will prevent the Kurbs from freezing the city.


Bellairs, JohnThe mansion in the mistWhile spending the summer in an old house on a desolate Canadian island, Anthony Monday and Miss Eells discover a chest that can transport them to another world and a maniacal group who are plotting the destruction of people on Earth.


DeFelice, Cynthia C.  The ghost of Fossil GlenAllie knows it’s not her imagination when she hears a voice and sees in her mind’s eye the face of a girl who seems to be seeking Allie’s help.

DeFelice, Cynthia.  The ghost and Mrs. Hobbs. Hindered by a fight with her friend Dub and a series of mysterious fires, eleven-year-old Allie investigates the fire seventeen years earlier which claimed the lives of the husband and infant son of a school cafeteria worker, as well as the handsome young man whose ghost asks Allie for help.

Harrison, David L.  Pirates: poems. A collection of poems describing the highs and lows of a pirate’s life at sea. 


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