Postcards from Camp

Readers Advisory

Beaty, Andrea.  Attack of the fluffy bunnies.  At Camp Whatsitooya, twins Joules and Kevin and new friend Nelson face off against large, rabbit-like creatures from the Mallow Galaxy who thrive on sugar, but are not above hypnotizing and eating human campers.

Weissman, Elissa Brent.  Nerd camp. For ten-year-old Gabe, the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment is all that he dreamed it would be, but he must work hard to write about the fun in letters to Zach, his cool future stepbrother, without revealing that it is a camp for “nerds.”

Ferber, Brenda A.  Jemma Hartman, camper extraordinaire.  Spending the summer after fifth grade at Camp Star Lake in Wisconsin, Jemma discovers the joy of sailing and learns a lesson about friendship.

Wallace, Rich.  Sports camp.  Eleven-year-old Riley Liston tries to fit in at Camp Olympia, a summer sports camp where he is one of the youngest boys.

Krosoczka, Jarrett J.  Lunch Lady and the summer camp shakedown.  When the crime-fighting school lunch lady works as the cook at summer camp, she investigates the mystery of the legendary swamp monster.

Brunelle, Lynn.  Camp out! : the ultimate kids’ guide, from the backyard to the backwoods.  Provides practical guidance for young campers on such topics as packing, pitching a tent, tying knots, exploring nature, and cooking, presenting 174 games, skills, projects, crafts, experiments, songs, and recipes–including eight varieties of s’mores.

O’Donnell, Liam.  Food fight : a graphic guide adventure.  Devin and Nadia, shipped off to summer camp while their mother is away working on an agricultural research project, discover evidence of a dangerous conspiracy involving crooked scientists and genetically modified food.

Carlson, Laurie and Judith DammelKids camp! : activities for the backyard or wilderness.  More than 100 hands-on activities and games that teach children the basics for safe, fun camping while showing them how to explore the natural world.

Williams, Vera B.  Three days on a river in a red canoe.  Mother, Aunt Rosie, and two children make a three-day camping trip by canoe.

Ahlberg, Janet.  The jolly postman, or, Other people’s letters. A postman delivers letters to several famous fairy-tale characters such as the Big Bad Wolf, Cinderella, and the Three Bears. Each letter may be removed from its envelope page and read separately.

Abbott, Tony.  The postcard.  Thirteen-year-old Jason finds an old postcard at his recently-deceased grandmother’s house that leads him on an adventure blending figures from an old, unfinished detective story with his family’s past.

Major, Kevin.  Aunt Olga’s Christmas postcards Aunt Olga shows Anna, a favorite niece, her collection of Christmas postcards and they decide to write a few of their own over tea. Includes illustrations of historical postcards.

DeYoung, C. Coco.  A letter to Mrs. Roosevelt.  Eleven-year-old Margo fulfills a class assignment by writing a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt asking for help to save her family’s home during the Great Depression.

Sand-Eveland, Cyndi.   Dear Toni.  Gene Tucks, a sixth grader who moves south with her family, is given a hundred-day journal writing project at school, and she starts telling her new “listener,” Toni, about moving into an empty apartment behind a gas station with her father and finding a St. Bernard with three pups.

Roop, Peter.  Grace’s letter to LincolnOn the eve of the 1860 presidential election, as war clouds gather and the South threatens to secede, eleven-year-old Grace decides to help Abraham Lincoln get elected by writing and advising him to grow a beard.

Smith, Charles R., Jr.  If : a father’s advice to his son by Rudyard Kipling. An illustrated version of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem of advice given from a father to his son.


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