Postcards from Camp

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{Postcards From Camp: Postcards and Postage}

Prior to reading the book, divide the students into groups.  Present them with the scenario:  You are going to camp.  What will you take with you?  Think of everything you might need.  Think about what you need during a regular day at home.  Pass out the circle map {Postcards from Camp: Circle Map} and then have each group brainstorm a list of supplies they would take to camp.  After each group has created a list, create one master list combing the group lists.  Then compare the master list to Michael’s list on the verso page at the front of the book.

After reading the story, ask each student to use Michael’s voice and write and letter or postcard to Dad as if it is the next summer and Michael is back at camp.

Make s’mores.  If using an open flame, please be cautious.  Or make s’mores bars:

Write a note like a ransom note with letters cut from magazines, newspapers, and catalogs.  

Book Talk Teasers

The front flap on the book jacket is a great way to introduce the book.

Show the front cover of the book.


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