Scarum Fair

Related Activities

Classroom Carnival Games: Hold a classroom carnival, with student-made (ordinary) carnival games. See related links for game ideas.

Compare the ordinary carnival games suggested in Book Trailers & Other Links with the Scarum Fair games and booths. Match the ordinary activities with its creepy version from the poem. Have students brainstorm/design/write description/illustrate a creepy version of a carnival activity for a classroom Scarum Fair.

Cat Hair Stew:

Bring the ingredients for your favorite crock pot stew or soup – either real or pictures. Students can rename items (i.e. beef could be cat meat or lizard legs; broth could be frog slime) to make a creepy dish. Allow students to decorate a Styrofoam “creepy” cup. Furnish art items such as markers, fake fur, feathers, sticks, tissue – let your imagination run wild. If you make real stew or soup, students will probably need a separate clean cup from which to eat.

Book Talk Teasers

Read the front inside flap and show some pictures briefly.


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