Thunder Birds

Book Trailers & Other Links

Jim Arnosky’s website including a biography and coloring pages for many animals as well as a list of his books:

Print interview with Jim Arnosky which includes his comments about Thunder Birds

Video of approximately 1 minute of Jim Arnosky singing about what he does.  Also includes a print interview with him.  (Done before he published Thunder Birds):

Print interview with Jim Arnosky.  (Done before he published Thunder Birds):

Reviews of several other Arnosky books, as well as a biography:

Print interview with Jim Arnosky.  (Done before he published Thunder Birds):

Articles and resources on bird watching and what to observe:

List of websites, lesson plans and webquests on birds for teachers:

Information about different birds, including an interactive game, etc:

Resources for peregrine falcon information and activities.  Link to library/online scavenger hunt questions which can be adapted by you to fit your bird and state:

Relates several Native American legends about the thunderbird:


Video of various birds of prey.  Many of the examples show prey being swooped up by the talons.  4:07 min.

{from here:}

Video and stills of many kinds of birds of prey described in a song, “Birds of Prey are Cool.”  No prey attacks in this video.  11:24 min.

Video with good raptor flight footage.  (1:07 minutes):

Falconry:  Shows hunting crows with a hawk and a falcon.  Note:  Attacks shown. (3:58 minutes):

{from here:}

Falconry:  shows hunting rabbits and squirrels.  Note:  Attacks shown.  (4:40 minutes):

{from here:}

Falconry:  Beginning the training of a harpy eagle.  No sound.  3:38 min.

{from here:}

Mesmerizing footage of an owl attacking the camera in slow motion.  No sound.  (23 seconds):

{from here:}

Sound video of a red tailed hawk screaming.  (8 seconds):

{from here:}

“Hoot.” DVD produced by Newline films.  90 minutes.  Movie based on the book of the same name by Carl Hiaasen.  (Can probably be found in your local school or public library.)


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