Thunder Birds

Related Activities

This webpage lists lots of resources for falconry, including two organizations.  (Perhaps there is a falconer near you who would visit your library with a bird or two?):

Sing along with Jim Arnosky singing his song, “Talkin’ Turkey.”  (Audio and song words with still photo of Arnosky):

Free printable animal coloring pages from Jim Arnosky:

Bird activities for kids including a printout for making their own field guides:

Lesson plan on eagles, which could be adapted to any bird of prey.  Also an activity for word-building:

This site is free for 10 days ONLY, but it has many different lesson plans for birds of prey.  (Perhaps the most interesting is one on dissecting owl pellets.):

Includes a “double bubble” printable form.   This is a method by which children can compare and contrast two types of birds and see their similarities and differences at a glance:

Creating a bird slide show:

Lesson on predator and prey and their place in the web of life:

Lesson plan on owls and raptors:

Includes some activities for different birds including a couple of interactive  online games about birds in general and an interactive bird quiz:

Lesson plans including a couple of activities or games that demonstrate the web of life:

Fun activity on how different types of beaks are better at picking up or capturing different types of food:

Beginning lesson plan for bird watching:

Patterns for making eagle and prey.  Can be stuffed to make them 3D and hung in the classroom:

Lesson plan site for owls with printable activity sheets and useful websites interspersed in the plan:

Information on how to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count for Kids.  (Also links to some online bird puzzles, bird calls, word puzzles and bird color sheets):

Team word game with printables using bird-related terms:

Class demonstration of the strength of an eagle’s grip:

Journaling about nature:

Outside activity on predator/prey survival:

Check the Book Trailers & Other Links to generate more ideas for activities.

Book Talk Teasers

Read flap inside front cover.

Read the “Introduction” from the front of the book and “Nature’s Flying Predators” from near the back of the book.

Read first section, “Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons,” and point out interesting things in the fold-out illustration for that section.

Simply show all the foldouts in the book and point out interesting things.


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