Readers Advisory

Wyckoff, Edwin Brit.  Sign language man: Gallaudet and his incredible work.  Chronicles the life and accomplishments of Thomas H. Gallaudet, describing how he helped a young girl who could not hear, and discussing his efforts to develop and teach American Sign Language.

Sullivan, George.  Helen Keller : her life in pictures.  Presents an illustrated photographic biography of Helen Keller, who became both deaf and blind as an infant, and chronicles her life, struggles, and triumphs.

Martin, Claudia.  Helpers.  Describes animals that help people who are blind or deaf, or who have physical handicaps.

Mark, Jan.  The museum book: a guide to strange and wonderful collections.  Explores various aspects of museums, such as the word “museum,” different types of museums, their impact on science, and reasons people collect things, and discusses such topics as the Elgin Marbles and the dodo.

Hartland, Jessie.  How the sphinx got to the museum.  Follows the history of the sphinx of Pharoah Hatshepust from its creation in ancient Egypt to New York City’s Metropolitan Museum.

Bragg, Georgia.  Matisse on the loose: a novel. An aspiring artist’s daily routine of being embarrassed by his eccentric family is interrupted when he finds himself in the middle of an art museum fiasco involving Matisse’s 1909 portrait of his son Pierre.

Konigsburg, E. L. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  Claudia Kincaid and her brother run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in order to teach their parents a lesson and embark upon a mystery involving a priceless work of art and the strange old woman who sold the piece to the museum.

Patron, Susan.  The higher power of LuckyFearing that her legal guardian plans to abandon her to return to France, ten-year-old aspiring scientist Lucky Trimble determines to run away while also continuing to seek the Higher Power that will bring stability to her life.


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