Related Activities

Practice using sign language using the links provided in the Book Trailers & Other Links section.

Watch a video clip with the sound off.  Question the students about how it would feel to be deaf.  What changes would happen in their lives.

Using cereal boxes, cardboard, newspapers, magazine pages, etc., create a building and put the buildings together to create a panorama.

Research Joseph Cornell or other makers of “cabinets of wonder.”  Create a cabinet of wonder with things from home or found around the library, school, etc.

Fold an origami boat using the links provided in the Book Trailers & Other Links section.

Book Talk Teasers

Read the middle paragraph on the front book jacket flap

Show the first illustration after the title page

Beginning with the paragraph, “A sudden streak of light interrupted Ben’s memory” on page 56 and read through page 57.


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