Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

Readers Advisory

Barretta, Gene.  Now & Ben: the modern inventions of Benjamin Franklin.  Describes some of Ben Franklin’s many ideas and inventions, and looks at how they are still being used in the twenty-first century.

Giblin, James.  The amazing life of Benjamin Franklin.  Presents an illustrated account of the life and achievements of founding father, Benjamin Franklin; and examines the contributions he made and the legacy he left behind.

Lawson, Robert.  Ben and me: a new and astonishing life of Benjamin Franklin as written by his good mouse Amos.  Benjamin Franklin’s companion, Amos the mouse, recounts how he was responsible for Franklin’s inventions and discoveries.

Rex, Adam.  Frankenstein makes a sandwich : and other stories you’re sure to like, because they’re all about monsters, and some of them are also about food, you like food, don’t you? well, all right then.  Contains twenty humorous poems about the bad habits, anxieties, and other fears and foibles of monsters.

Rex, Adam.  Frankenstein takes the cake.  The follow up poetry book to Frankenstein makes a sandwich. Contains poems about the bad habits, anxieties, and other fears and foibles of monsters, including selections about Frankenstein’s wedding.

Kent, Derek Taylor.  Scary School.  Charles Nukid struggles to adjust to the bizarre and scary teachers and students at the Scary School, including an 850-year-old vampire, Dr. Dragonbreath, Frankenstein’s monster, and other surprising residents.

Genco, Elizabeth.  Frankenstein.  Presents a graphic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, whose medical experiments created a horrible monster.

Schroeder, Alan.  Ben Franklin : his wit and wisdom from A-Z.   An illustrated overview of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions, wisdom, and accomplishments.

Thimmesh, Catherine.  Girls think of everything: stories of ingenious inventions by women.
Tells the story of how women throughout the ages have responded to situations confronting them in daily life by inventing such items as correction fluid, space helmets, and disposable diapers.

Becker, Helaine.  What’s the big idea?: inventions that changed life on earth forever.
Profiles more than thirty inventions, describing why they were invented and including information on how they have influenced human life; and includes biographical information on a number of inventors.

Royston, Angela.  Inventors who changed the world.  Profiles over ten inventors, such as George Stephenson, Thomas Alva Edison, and Alan Turing, and describes their significant inventions and how they influenced the world.

Dowell, Frances O’Roark.  Phineas L. Macguire—erupts!  Fourth-grade science whiz Phineas MacGuire is forced to team up with the new boy in class on a science fair project, but the boy’s quirky personality causes Phineas to wonder if they have any chance of winning.

Auch, Mary Jane.  I was a third grade science project.  While trying to hypnotize his dog for the third grade science fair, Brian accidentally makes his best friend Josh think he’s a cat.

Greene, Stephanie.  Owen Foote, mighty scientist.  Third grade best friends Owen and Joseph struggle to come up with a great science fair project that they will both enjoy doing, then something goes wrong and they have to change their plans two days before the fair.


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