Just Being Audrey

Readers Advisory

Frank, Anne.  Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl.  One of the most moving and eloquent accounts of the Holocaust, the record of two years in the life of a remarkable Jewish girl whose triumphant humanity in the face of unfathomable deprivation and fear has made the book one of the most enduring documents of our time.

Bierman, Carol and Bronia Brandman. The Girl Who Survived.  When the Germans occupied Poland in World War II, they forced Jews into overcrowded ghettoes. To help her family survive the horrific conditions that followed, eleven-year-old Bronia risked her life, smuggling goods to trade for food. Then came the terrible day that Bronia and her sisters were sent to the Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp, where most inmates were killed. But through courage, luck, and the kindness of a stranger, Bronia lived to tell her amazing life story. Young readers will never forget this incredible true story of one of the youngest survivors of Auschwitz, fully illustrated with stirring black-and-white archival photos.

Kaufman, Lola Rein and Lois Metzger.  The Hidden Girl: a true story of the Holocaust.  A gripping tale of one young girl’s struggle to survive during the Holocaust.

Wolf, Joan M.  Someone named Eva.  “Remember who you are, Milada.” Milada’s grandmother says these words on the night the Nazi soldiers come to their home in Czechoslovakia. But what do they mean? She is Milada, who lives with her mama and papa, her brother and sister, and her beloved Babichka. Milada with the sun-kissed hair, eleven years old, fastest runner in her school. How could she ever forget?  Then the Nazis send Milada to a Lebensborn center in Poland, and Milada quickly discovers that holding on to her true identity will be the greatest struggle of her young life.


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